Allistar Overeem finally impressed

I know his last loss to kharitonov who he also beat was dissapointing. But he won his last 3 fights and bas was saying people in holland are saying his striking has been getting amazing. Tonight he beat a poor opponent, but I have to say he did look great, his punches and knee's were on the point, and could buckle anyone.

He called out crocop, i originally thought crocop would have an easy time with him, but now Im not so sure.

Yeah but not THAT impressive. I agree. Those punches could have put anyone away, except maybe Mark Hunt.

he has all the potential in the world.

 that fight didnt show anythign except that his opponent has a serious problem keeping his hands up, and closing his eyes while a punch is coming

 ttt Alistair still one of my favorite fighters



I agree this fight did not tell us much, but he seemed to have more power in his strikes, which is why I was impressed. You take a few knee's from him with power like he had tonight, and I dont see many who can deal with him. Not to mention his wrestling is actually quite good especially in the clinch, he just needs cardio.

Overeem is so amazing sometimes it's hard to believe he can lose.

I've always thought he was the best P4P fighter in the world.............provided the fight doesn't go more than 2 minutes.

 I'm looking forward to a crocop/overeem match