Allotta people on Tito Ortiz....

Forums may not be giving him a great chance to win, but the betting money continues to pour in on Tito Ortiz at some of the offshore books.  It's still early, and expect alot of sharp money will likely come in late, but in selling this fight as a toss up,  the UFC did a super job.  The early money shows that.

Wow, cool info, thanx for sharing

Tito fans are delusional.

Tito fans are delusional.

i thought about betting him @ +241, but respected forum member surfin joe talked me out of it. I'm trying to visualize the fight in my mind and i'm not sure if Tito can take him down, and keep him down. I do know that Tito will be extremely determined to win this fight, probably more than any other fight in his entire career. Thats gotta count for something.

I got him at +250. I think it's a tough fight for him to win, but at those odds I bite. It's called gambling for a reason.

In the Hughes vs. GSP fight, I really liked GSP. I figured I'd take my
winnings and place them on Liddell. I figured they were two great bets
and needed some good action on them.

That said, Tito's interviews have made me rethink the bet. I'm taking
Liddell for a fun bet and calling it a day. I'm just going to enjoy the fight.

Have a little bet on Eric Schafer, good odds, great fighter.

"Tito fans are delusional." .....Agreed

Odessa what are your thoughts on Hunt for +641?

If Tito can get through the first two rounds (that's a big if), I think Tito will win.

I'll go out on a limb and pick Tito by fourth round TKO.


new punters? maybe the TUF exposure & Ken 3 sold him to the newbs?


new punters? maybe the TUF exposure & Ken 3 sold him to the newbs

Hard to tell.  So many things going on and so much media exposure, theres no telling.  The late money, when limits go higher, will gimme a better idea of what caused the surge. If line goes back up, its media, and  just great promotion...... if it keeps dropping, well, no telling really. 

It seems its a boom time of sorts in MMA with UFC getting heaps of exposure and new players (of note) like IFL & now EliteXC (showtime). Is online betting seeing any growth?


All the books are carrying it now. So  an increase in volume isnt neccessarily reflected  at one sportsbook, overall its taken off pretty well.  The fight betting game , boxing especially, has seen new life since 2001. much money has to go on one guy to move the line? Why are
some books like Pinacle more precise on the lines, where
kind of rounds off to the nearest 5 or 10?


ttt for Oddessa sharing this kind of info.  People learn so much when they listen to a pro.

congrats in advance to the books for making a lot of money off of these people unloading on tito.

People counting Ortiz out are just fucking idiots. There is no other way to say it.

Tito might not win, but for those of you thinking it's a done deal or automatic that Chuck is going to walk out the winner...I question your sanity.

Regardless of if you like the guy or not, Tito is still among the elite in that weight class. He still works harder than almost anyone. He is more than capable of winning the fight. He can't fight the same fight he did last time and he will have to be on top of his game, but it's more than possible.

I don't listen to any of the drama about who maybe trained hard and who slacked off. Both guys worked their ass off for this fight. It's the biggest fight either of them has ever had. If either one of them took the fight lightly, look for that guy to get KO'd. No fucking way either guy is expecting an easy fight.