ALM/EB Christmas Party

the war between the ALM and the EB has mainly been a "Cold" war. There was 2 weeks or so of brutal fighting resulting in many deaths on both sides. In the end the fighting was a stalemate as the ALM flourished and the EB slithered into the shadows and eventually was torn apart by in-fighting and the maddness of Wedge.

Now the EB is back. Although they are leaving the server in January to the distant realm of Kel'Thuzzad. The Gnomish Jihad will continue to be carried out against the ALM and all Horde until the transfer. BUT in the spirit of Christmas, the ALM and EB should meet in Booty Bay for a goodbye /wave and /dance. We may end up killing eachother and then getting clubbed to death by the goblin guards. But it should be fun anyways.

We still need to have my party too

a friend of mine is in some leet guild on that server. says he can get me and wedge in it. be some people to level with when BC comes out. Also, there is wayyyyy to many Alliance on Frostwolf. The normal wait for AV is like 15+ minutes and 8+ mins for AB. The population is more equal on this other server.

its because your scared of me right gord?

I hope Gord ganks me at least once before he leaves or I will be sad =[

Good idea for a get together though, we should get toasted, get on vent and meet in some remote place for duals and such.

Somewhere like an island that gets lil traffic so Gord and buddies wont have to worry about random gankings.

lol if this happens it better be on holy ground.

gord, re: server pop. remember its not the server population that affects bg queues anymore, its the battlegroup population. so if bg queues are a major reason for leaving youre going to be disapointed.