ALM vs 3rd Hook

LOL - dunno how this started but there is no ALM vs 3rd Hook...

I was reading the Alm's chances of raiding? and I think 99% of our guilde would be into hooking up for raids and Gank Nights.

Just Give any of us a shout when it's happening - We're a bit low for raiding ATM but we'll definally lend out contribution for GANK nights...

Feroxx - 5th in Command The Dreaded Third Hook.

lol @ 5th in command

Ok - 6st then...

i participated in a gank night last night.

unfortunatly i was on the wrong

frost mage laid waste to tarren mill. gnome biotch just ran circles through town blasting everyone lol.

hit me for 2272 one time...

funny shit watching 30 or so 25-30 hordies trying to take her down, she was 1 or 2 shotting everyone. lol

"i was the messiah that you two desperately needed. i came to cure you of your worries, and set you about on a path to greater nirvana. sacrificed as i was, it was for my brothers. "

wow, you really are high. messiah?


LOL @ calling TWunt a jew.

Far from the truth he gave me some col gloves the other day.

I never denied allah