Almost Had To Smack Down A Guy Outside The Gas Station

I was in 711 today to get my daily supply of energy drinks, hurricaine malt liquore, nicotine pouches, and taquitos. Was feeling good just feeling the vibe and had that song “savage love” stuck in my head so I was singing to myself. I walk outside the store still enjoying myself jamming out “savaage looove, don’t ya know I saiid u got that ssaaavagee lovee!”

Then I see this punkass bitch parked out front looking at me grinning and laughing and he gives me a thumbs up. What the hell mind your own business dude. So I walk up to his open window and ask him what his problem is, ready to throw down and knock him out through the open window. He gives me this creepy ass smile and says “I was giving you a thumbs up, that’s exactly the opposite of a problem”.

I told him sounds like you have a problem then and grabbed his collar through the window. Little pussy flashed a piece from under his shirt so I backed up and told him he better be carrying a gun if hes gonna carry around a shitty attitude like that. Went back to my car and gave him the double birds and revved my engine lol. Fuck little pussies with guns.



Wait. What happened to the taquitos when you gave him the double bird? I’m hungry and you have me worried you dropped them.

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I put them on the passage seat before I flipped the birds


Of all the things that didn’t happen…

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Who flinched first?

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I’m guessing this was some type of gay meet up that went wrong. And kirk Jr isn’t going to like you referring to him as a punk ass bitch.

Kirik Jr is straight JACKED and CUT. He doent have to carry a weapon cause his body IS the weapon.

His bucket head is a MAJOR weapon.

I’m now POSITIVE this was some type of gay meet up gone wrong.

That’s a thumbs down from me dawg.