Almost Rank 7

Got Stone Guard today, should easily hit rank 7 next week. I'm about 80% there. Hopefully grinding through 8 and 9 won't be too bad. 100K honor per week has been no problem. Hopefully enough.

Gimme my champion gear dammit!!!!

if I ever hit rank 10 it is to get that black warstrider.....that is a hell of a mount....

nice work with the PvP sean

Rank 10=some kick ass gear.

I got to Rank 8 untill I realized I hadn't seen the sun in about 1 month and a half. I gave up.

takes a lot higher than rank 10 to get those epic mounts.

i stand takes lvl 11

Rank 10=some kick ass gear.

Yup, and it starts at rank 7 with the boots and gloves. The non-epic PvP set is complete at rank 10. Can't wait to start getting stuff next week.

How many hours do you think you've put in in order to get rank 7 sean?

More than needed probably. You don't have to PvP as much as I did to rank up to 7. I ranked up pretty much as a side-effect of grinding AV to get exalted. Also, time isn't as important as using your time well. If you fight in AV, stay near the action and don't AV too long unless you are grinding for rep because you end up killing the same people over and over again which loses honor over time and eventuall you get ZERO honor for killing the same people. Best trick I've found is to go to Org and jump into all 3 queues. I always end up in AV first, then in a bit I'll get a WSG or AB prompt while in AV and jump into WSG or AB (unless by some miracle horde is winning AV). After a while you meet other people that are grinding honor and you can get into their group, and almost all of the use Vent. If you get really lucky, you'll get into a really good group that wins fast games and kills marshals for more CP.