Almost the end of the "The Year Of The Injury" but

I believe while 2012 did have some good fights , it will always be remembered as "The Year of The Injury." 2013 should be F'N awesome and I think we have a lot to look forward to. Not only will GSP vs Diaz be great but Ronda vs Cyborg could happen, Gil Melendez, Daniel Cormeir, Eddie Alverez, Josh Barnett, and others very likely will be fighting in the UFC which provides opportunities for all kinds of matchups. Bones and Chael on TUF will be entertaining, plus I believe we could see a super fight with Anderson Silva and someone. Lets all say a prayer that the injury epidemic will officially be over come 2013. Anyone have other suggestions for possible fights, etc for 2013? Phone Post

Lets hope the injuries stop, if they do with the way UFC/FOx seems to have figured things out, SF fighters coming over, 2013 could be a great year.

JDS/Cain vs Reem, DC, Werdum
Jones/Sonnen with Hendo/Machida, AG, Glover
Silva vs Bisping, Weidman, Lombard, Belcher
GSP vs Diaz with Hendricks and Rory is coming up
Bendo vs Gilbert, Pettis, Maynard, possibly Alvarez
Aldo/Edgar with Zombie, Cub, Siver, Guida, Koch, Lamas, Dustin
Barao/Mayday, BW is weak but Pickett is around, Faber still around.
MM/Dodson with Creepy/JB happening, guys like Gaudinot, Lineker, Moraga, Montague/Mamoru need to sign, Vila shoudl sign.

Ronda vs Cyborg, Tate and McMann

Plus a ton of other fights can get made with the SF talent coming over.

^Great post, more excited now! Phone Post