Almost there Oz mission

thanks for your generosity guys. Just wanted to fill you in, we didn't have all of our money raised for the deadline, so we may have to reapply, but there is also a posibility that we will get approved. Either way the target date is still Feb 25th.

We have almost all of our support raised. We are about $400 dollars a month short still

we are looking at

10 people to give 10 dollars a month

5 people to give 20 dollars a month and

5 people to give 40 dollars a month

If you feel you may be called to be one of those people please email me at

the rev

Stay away from Adibese.

I don't know what that means, but I will try.

the rev

I wanted to help bump your thread up, so I sarcasticaly implied that you were going on a mission to the Oswald maximum security penitentiary, from the HBO series "OZ" Adibese was a character on the show and he was bad news. Thus, my warning.

Well I am well advised to stay away from that guy then. In fact I think I continue to never watch the show. Thanks for the up

the rev