almost went ole skoo: WROTE A LETTER...

but needed his address, so i emailed him and wound up transposing it into another reply.

fuggin letters man. how sad.

truly, when you think about it, the only people that used to appreciate letters were my grandparents and grand uncles and aunties. and they're all dead now so fuggin letters died w/ them.

remember when you had a box of old letters from a an ex or i know my parents saved my letters from when i was in the service.

wtf do people do now? archive their emails?

fuck this world.


progress :(

I has a crazy uncle that still writes letter all cryptic like in attempts to "talk around" a subject cause he's paranoid....can you guess the subject? He even reminds me toburn the letter after!


I have 2 large boxes of letters and cards. I can't get rid of them. Yet the heartless supposed "people" around me always hassle me to toss them as they are, "wasting space".

Don't get me started on what's a waste of space.

seriously, i think it maybe the only secure form of communication going ahead. it worries me greatly.