Alone: Season 8

Set your DVR’s boys. Tomorrow night it begins. Should be a good one!




I laugh at the people on survivor, think I could do an that physically no problem. Alone though is just fucking awesome. Awe inspiring. Tough, tough people… always bums me out when they inevitably start to lose their minds. That gets pretty dark for me, I associate with where they are mentally at that time, and I just can’t imagine much can be worse.

After x amount of weeks/months alone,every single crackle in the woods must be a major fright.


Thanks OP. Had no idea. Love this show

Cant wait, best show on TV.


Also for anybody that is interested and didn’t see last season, Netflix just added it today.

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And I think I would do worse at survivor. Having to deal with all the personality issues. I’d rather be Alone and hungry


Rock Fucking House

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Love this show. In

alone IN the wilderness

Let’s fuckin gooooo!

That one guy who built all kinds of shit including a canoe could have lived out there indefinitely. Dude got bored and decided to go home.

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Good first episode. Looks like an interesting area especially considering all the bears seen and cougar.

In. Haven’t really watched much in the past other than the odd episode. Which was the best season ?

6 and 7 are good

But you have to see the other seasons before those to fully appreciate 6 and 7


Just finished the first episode. That cougar was awesome. I like the area they’re in. Tim built that cabin quick

Sure did. Probably should have spent some time getting some food. I’ll never understand someone’s thought process to starve themselves for 72 hours to get a good shelter done.

Generally the start in the fall, yes it’s cold, but not cold enough they can’t do a basic shelter to keep warm while they are gathering/hunting and working on a more permanent shelter.



Yeah I agree. Starving yourself first thing and assuming you’re gonna be able to eat later is not a good strategy. That being said Tim was a horrible hunter and fisherman and probably wasn’t gonna last anyway.

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I really enjoyed last season although most of them were pretty good. The only season I wasn’t a much of a fan of was the 1 where they had to survive in pairs.

Good episode last night. I don’t really know names yet but the guy that saw the mountain lion seems like he could be a strong player… already got fish and a bird. Guy that left with the chest pains wasn’t lasting very long anyway imo, chest pains or not.

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My strategy for picking winners is seeing who got the least screen time in the first couple episodes. I’m taking the bald guy with the beard

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