Alone: Season 8

Days without food make you weaker, slower, and not as sharp mentally, not necessary to go thru at all. Also it’s not in your best interest. I am not a student of the show, but I have been doing similar all my life. For fun, since I was a boy scout. I have watched about 8-10 or so episodes of this show.

First day-locate water. Then build and set a couple dozen snares, not stick shit…proper snares. Can do in a few hours. Have not watched too many of these, but have yet to see a single proper snare done right. Far and away the easiest way to have small game daily.

Build decent temporary shelter asap after snares, will take several hours, perhaps all day depending on setting. Keep checking snares each morning, set more if needed so you reliably have something, a rabbit or whatever is available, every day. Should be at this point by end of day two, day three if you are not very fast or competent doing this stuff.

If snares are giving you something to eat each day, start building a solid, long lasting, strong shelter with a stone fireplace (NOT inside your damn wood shelter) have opening in wall for fireplace and chimney outside, with all of the heat and none of the smoke coming inside.

Still setting and checking snares each morning. Should have a solid, strong, and warm shelter done in a week or less. If snares are not working out, set more…lots more, until you can reliably have meat daily.

Shelter built. Spend most of your time after it is done hunting for big game, while checking snares and getting water daily. While you are hunting game you also look for and locate edible greens, or any other edible plants. Need variety in your diet to stay strong and healthy.

Locate and kill big game animal. Now you have been there for a week or perhaps two, and you are good to go as is. You have water available, meat to eat, hopefully some plant matter, and a shelter for comfort and safety.

Continue upgrading your shelter for more comfort, sealing any cracks ect. If big game is available, you should have one hanging in a tree by this point. Once you have that you are done. Continue spending your time upgrading inside of shelter, and making more comforts, chair, table, little stuff like that. Brain tan your big game hide for an extra blanket/layer of warmth.

Live life, continue your routine while feeling great. Wait for everyone else to bail, but plan and act like you are intending on spending the winter there. You will be safer, as well as more comfortable and prepared this way.

At this point you have everything you need, and are often getting bored…carve a chess set or some such to kill time and keep busy.

You win. No starving, struggling, or suffering necessary.

Great episode. That bear encounter was wild but he got what he was asking for tracking that thing.

Except you get nothing in snares now you expended so many calories for nothing. And fat Sam sits there and out starves you.

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I haven’t seen the episode but the clip from it says he tracks down a grizz. Why is he tracking down a grizz? Lol you’d think you’d want to avoid them at all costs.

That grizz got pretty close to his food/berry cache. Buddy is lucky as fuck that he didn’t get raided.

Everyone is struggling with getting food this year, really sucks they can’t trap squirrel. It’s essentially becoming a starvation contest, I think the big fat guy wins. He can still lose 40 lbs while staying somewhat safe, as long as his ankle holds up

Yeah definitely not much food between all of them. Wondering if the gill net being allowed on day 45 will change that.

rose - couldn’t find food - bottom line

Said he put on 45lbs before they started too, so he is only down 15lbs from his normal weight now. Could be a factor.

Funny how we have only seen the lady that tapped in this episode, set snares.

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Complete nonsense. All you’re saying here is that you’ve either never fasted for any significant period of time, or you have no memory of having done so. Fasting isn’t starvation, & fat is food you’ve already eaten but haven’t used yet.

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I’m going to petition to have dryfly be on the next season. I bet he lasts 21 days before tapping

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That chick is lucky they pulled her. It wasnt even winter time yet, and her shelter was laughable.

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