Alone: Season 8

Bears aren’t stupid, & they’re aware humans pose an existential threat.

There’s a good reason most of the show’s daylight interactions with bears happen in the first few days of production & then we rarely hear from them again, outside of testing camps while contestants sleep, or stealing food while contestants are gone.

I think more people are killed by black bears than grizzlies in Canada, although that may be due to their being more black bears. Can’t remember Grizzly Man details didn’t they ignore him for months then one snapped.

Grizzly Man is about an insane person who was actively daring the universe to kill him. There’s no relation there to the topic of this thread.

500,000 vs 25,000, yeah. Order of magnitude.

I was camping in Algonquin Park in 1978 the weekend three kids were dragged out of their tent and killed by a predatory black bear. Park is huge so it was nowhere near us, but I don’t remember anyone with us being sacred (I was about 10 at the time). Times were different back then people didn’t worry so much or had their head up their ass and didn’t think about it. I remember people on TV blaming the kids rather than the bear saying they had fish in their tent. Different times.

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So probably 20X the risk as fatalities are close to even.

Watched season 6 last week. Finishing up season 7 now. This show is a fucking ride!! Incredible.
Makes me realize how much of a bitch I actually am. I’d be fucked out there

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Great show, no idea why these people would want to do it, but it’s entertaining to watch.

yeah, the dene natives in BC were still using pit houses in 1867 when we joined canada

7 was fantastic

$500,000 is probably the biggest motivator.

I would love to do it. But I’m just a regular dude who grew up hunting and fishing. Not a primitive tools expert. I wouldn’t win but it’s the adventure aspect as well as a proving yourself aspect that makes guys want to do it. The half-million dollars doesn’t hurt either. But money isn’t the big motivator for these people. I mean most of them try to live off the land as much as possible already.


Yes, the money is great, but so many of them end up with parasites and other illnesses that mess them up for weeks and months after they return. I admire their ability to survive, I couldn’t.

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Just finished season 7 last night. I looked up Roland’s website. He does guided brown bear hunts in Alaska. That would be a badass experience if I wasn’t such a pussy. I like watching the show to learn survival techniques. I don’t think I could ever do that shit by choice, but it’s good to know those things just in case.

Roland grew up close to where I live and he’s been back home since he won…he’s coming to a local county fair this summer and you can enter to win a free guided hunt which would be pretty awesome.


just caught up last night on the show,
i thought the army guy when he said he was not a great fisherman or hunter i counted him out, by the end of the episode i really liked him.

next to go home will be the guy building the full log house i think, before finishing it

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