Alone Season 9 - May 26

He had 1 foot out the door from the start

Totally remember that guy. He was like Norm from This Old House, built the best shelter ever, but just gave into his emotions and tapped out.

Love this show! I know all the liberals on here would rather watch Rue Paul or something gay as hell, but for me…This is the best TV show out there today

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It’s interesting because Survivor and Naked and Afraid have a camera crew aroind them most of the time, where as Alone they are by themselves almost entirely AND have to film everything themselves.

I’m building a stone wall and to do so I’m hauling boulders from my woods. Rocks are fookin’ heavy. Roland built that subterranean house out of rocks/boulders. Roland is rightfully remembered for the shelter he built. I was amazed at the size of the rocks he was moving, he was one super strong mofo, at least at the beginning of the show.


Was rough watching that squirrel come back trying to rescue that other squirrel trapped and dying in the snare. I know that’s nature, but damn.


It was a two-for-one opportunity gone begging is what it was!

I was surprised she didn’t kill the second squireel to be honest.

It reminds me of the black guy a few seasons ago who had the visiting friend chipmunk to his camp. He finally ended up killing and eating it. Then felt so guilty about it, he ended up tapping out soon after.

I’d probably be a vegetarian if I had to actually kill the animals I eat.

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beaver kill was pretty cool

That fucked me up too…lol

Right now the Beaver Hunters are in prime position. Some of those other dudes/women aren’t eating enough.

Little did we know the beaver would be Benji’s downfall.

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I’ve watched every season, and like the show, but man the 90 minute episodes (even fast forwarding through commercials) are just too long to keep me interested. I guess if there was more interesting stuff going on, but watching people try to build shitty shelters and killing squirrels gets old after 3-4 hours of it.

Those beavers are massive…one got revenge on Benji for taking him down.