Alone shelter - winning strategy

the last few seasons have had long term success with a variety of shelter types… tarp with minimal tree trunk coverage, thicker log construction, and of course rock house - dig into a naturally protected rock formation.

time to build, energy, effectiveness

what’s the best way to go / what do you think wins it this time?

My sons also like to build forts.


cool… how long they live in sub zero? any tips?

don’t want to talk down kids because their dads a fag of course :slight_smile:

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All three of my sons would beat you in a knife fight and the oldest is not even 8.

On a more serious note, sorry about the troll did not mean to derail I could not resist

no worries. did you consider tarp and branches vs digging down for insulation. I was surprise what limited shelter had people lasting so long sub zero.

training your kids to stab people… yeesh

I like to move the couches together and drape them with blankets and use the seat cushions as a protective barrier against predators.

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One variable that needs to be considered is availability of food. I think that plays a huge roll in what shelter is built. I would build a log cabin with a nice stone hearth but that would take a ton of calories to build. I doubt that would be available to me. The bare minimum seems to be the most common tactic.

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I don’t think anything will beat Roland’s shelter from last season…definitely took a lot of energy to build but luckily he had plenty of food so it didn’t matter too much.

When does this next season start?

I think it’s next week.


I would do a dug out style

but utilize wattle and daub into it


the teasers show someone digging for their foundation

can’t remember if it was OG or with the link to the Russian dude who does sub zero shelter vids

was super impressed by the two women last year who did relatively minimal shelter structures but made it to last three