Alot of bitching going on...

There is alot of bitching anf crying about TUF on here. Now don't get me wrong... there are plenty of things that can be fixed on the show. I realise that this show is far from perfect. What I don't understand is all the bashing. I mean all of these fighters deserve to be there. If they didn't show potential then UFC wouldn't have picked them. There's to much money at stake to pick a bunch of tool boxes. I too wish there was more focus on training and fighting but its the first 2 episodes. Not to mention this is the first ever "reality show" of this kind. It's all a learning experience. Another thing that needs to stop is the bashing of the fighters. These guys have busted their asses to be where they are at. If no one likes these guys then maybe you should have sent a tape in showing your amazing fighting skills and you coudl be on the show insted of in front of your computers putting these guys down. All in all... we need to support this show and these guys because like it or not they are bringing our sport to the masses.


i agree with you, the fighters do dserve to be there. they deserve do to be sent home if what got them there , their FIGHTING, cause them to go home. but to go home due to the dumb challenges is ridiculous.

Agreed... the challenge was a bit MTV Battle of the Sexes. All I am saying is that the show is not going to be perfect and everyone bitching and knit picking should settle down and just watch the show. Not everyone is gonna like it.