Alpha Female FightWear

... Open for Business! Taken from the website:

"Alpha Female Fight Wear is now open for business!

Our line of fight wear and casual wear has been designed and created for female fighters and fans by female fighters. We have paid close attention to producing a product that specifically fits the female form, and is made of materials in designs and colors that we women look for. is currently presenting this product to you. You can order through the main page under "Fight Gear" on the site.

Ladies, we are extremely excited to bring this line to you. We know personally what a demand there is for a product such as this."

Good stuff girls! Alpha Female is sponsoring me right now and I used their gear at the recent Best of the West tournament and was very happy with the fit / designs.

Here's the link to order:

If is behind it, I am all for it.

Kirik - we have a pink boy beater just for you ;)~

Seriously this is an awesome line. Feel free to give us any feedback you have on the product.

Thanks nightcrawler.... I am not that computer literate yet.... :)

LOL no prob.



Debi has been telling me about this for about a year now and she sent me some pictures last week and the gear looks great. We will be carrying it soon.

I support this thread and anybody willing to bring it to the table for the ladies.

Good Job girls.


TTT - good for the sport( and the wardrobe..)!


the logo looks like it was designed with a crayon.

wtf pics?


Thanks for all your support. Pictures can be found on the and site.

Please note that we will also sell to wholesalers.

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Good luck ladies.

MOLLY, We miss you out here on Hawaii !!!!

I lost my best training partner =-(


Thanks for the bump Jimmy! I miss Hawaii too, but Cali is keeping me very busy! Far to stimulating for a Hawaii girl... :) Probably gonna give me a seizure soon.