Alpine Pure Hoppiness

Growler fresh from the brewery. Wowza! I don't think it can get much hoppier without getting bad. This is the upper limit for me I think. Aroma is fresh, powerful, hops- very piney and resiny, lemon, grapefruit, orange. Flavor is similar, and very powerful. This makes other, lesser, IPA's it's bitch. Bittnerness lingers on, assertive but not unpleasent. Drinking other beers after this is not recommended. I drank a Racer 5 after this one and couldn't really taste it :( Definately an experience!


That sounds great

Meat- ya, I've had the Brutal Bitter, it's nowhere near as overpoweringly hoppy as this stuff! The only hop used in BB is Crystal, which is fairly low acid but very tasty. PH uses Centennial, Hersbrucker, and Chinook (I think) which are all quiet strong and pungent in character. And it seems like it has a lot more O_O

nah distribution is tiny... the only stores that carry bottles are in Alpine, CA itself. I drove to the brewery for the growler :)

I was surprised to read that there was a brewery in Alpine at all.

Scab- right next to the beauty supply store :P

I didn't know where it was even, so we got off the freeway and my friend asks "Jon, do you know where it is?" I said "Nah, but Alpine ain't that big, so I figure we'll drive right by it!"

And we did!

Even if you hadn't driven right by it, it wouldn't have taken you more than a couple of minutes to search the entire town to find it anyways.;)

Exactly :)

I had a friend ship me an IPA he brewed that was over 100 IBUs :o

that was a bit much

I really don't think the BB is that bitter... but you know, the 120 minute IPA is like 150 IBU's and it's almost cloyingly sweet. It's all relative.