Also posted on UG, re Kingston JAM

I had to go to Kingston Jamaica for a deposition. I decided to take my wife with me for a working vacation. I spoke to a friend who is from Jamaica. He said, you should be fine renting a car. Just read the travel advisories and don't go into the "rough" areas. Also, he said, "whatever you do, do not leave the resort after dark. They don't hate white people, but the know you have money and they will rob you."

I rent a car and got some directions from the hotel on how to get to New Kingston. In hindsight, the directions sucked and were ambiguous at best. I made a wrong turn, admittidly my fault. My wife and I ended up driving through Mountain View Gardens, Vineard Town, Trench Town and Tivoli Gardens!

Holy Shit! Not scared, but very concerned. I always said that I would die for my wife, but there was one incident in Trench Town where we were blocked in traffic and a bunch of people (10 to 15) started coming towards our car from several blocks away. I told my wife "Baby, if they get too close, I'm gonna get out of the car. I'll do my best to hold them off so that you can get the car moving. Just drive and don't stop. Don't worry about me. Drive until you get to a better part of town. I promise you I'll kill at least one of them before they kill me. I love you, take care of my babies." About two seconds later, there was a break in traffic on the other side of the road. I pulled the world's fastest three point turn ever and hauled ass. It felt weird to say that and mean it.

Kingston, Jamaica = Asshole of the Universe