Alt right king Rogan?


Far right = bad. Far left = do as we say or else. Moderates = alt right/bad.


Lol @ vice


I thought Rogan was down with the vice cause.

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Vice should just stick to what they are good at…sexually harassing employees.


I think that was back when they did interesting, captivating journalism. Not sure he’s on board with their insanity currently.


Gotta remember they consider Glen Greenwald and Bari Weiss as alt right.

There’s been a lot of pressure from the left on its own members over about the last year to not go on Joe’s show. So yeah, no shit, he’s doing more shows with conservatives and freethinking liberals than with true believers in the cause.


Interesting how talking about the truth, or at least exploring the facts is considered far right. Fuck these clowns who want to 1984 us.



I wonder just how much traffic Joe has driven to Vice. He’s gone on and on about how great their North Korea thing was, along with the Liberia thing and a few others.

It is interesting to watch publications and outlets try to paint Joe as a right wing lunatic. It makes me think a lot about the nature of podcasting.

If Joe had a normal tv show, they would have killed his career years ago over the Fallon Fox stuff. There seems to be a value in that once fans have heard hundreds of hours of you they can get a real sense of what kind of person you are, in a way that no single quote or sound byte can overcome.


More buzzwords created by leftist clowns because they can’t actually rationalize their delusional reality.


Vice is trash


I almost can’t believe the writer of this article is serious. It’s so fucking ridiculous you literally have to be insane to see the world in such a twisted way.

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The north korea thing was like 7 years ago. A lot has changed at vice since then.

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Yep. These media outlets hit all the same notes in every article. I could accurately predict the end of almost every sentence in that article.

On the bright side, they wouldn’t have to use constant propaganda if they were winning.

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Yes but they started out doing real journalism. Their brand is still trustworthy to many.

The OG is redpilled. The majority is not.

This allows them to spew lies and propaganda to a mass audience…them being the media in general.

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Does that husky drunk dude still run vice?

LOL i just looked it up, he is out and the women running it used to run A+E network, Lifetime, and a bunch of other low budget crap networks.

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Just look at the episode with Adam of Adam Ruins Everything. Adam is a complete fucking moron and Rogan exposed him as such by simply asking basic Rogan-level questions.

After that, very few of the True Believers of the Left have gone on the show. Wokeness is very similar to a religion in that they hold irritation, unprovable beliefs.


How I like my ‘women’

You heard me

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