Alternate angle video - Royce/Yosh

I just wanted to post this for the ignorant who still don't believe Royce got screwed in the grappling match with Yoshida.

yeah -- it looks like Royce was fine there. It looks like he got screwed.. although sometimes things look different from the refs upclose view... he can take things into account like breathing, etc... all in all though it looks like Royce was screwed.

oops! Thought it was a pic.

i have little problem with the ref being wrong... hey, it happens... however Pride didn't rule this a no-contest like they should have.... oh well... just knew that some people had not seen this video from the posts they were making regarding the first match

"I see a good call to stop the fight. How is that a screw job?"

well first off the ref wasn't supposed to be able to stop the fight.... second off see my last post about them not ruling it a no-contest after seeing video,pictures,etc

it was not a fight it was only grappling

it was grappling plus kicks if you want to get technical

ViewType ---> DarrenJG is correct

If that was a good call by the ref, then my ass is a typewriter.

geez this is even more convincing than the angle i saw last year!

royce was definatly screwed!

ViewType, on what do you base your opinion that that Royce was unconscious?

"I see Royce's leg go down all limp...

I see the ref running around looking, then grabbing Royce's arm to check if he's out... "

Are you serious? I saw Royce's foot placed on the floor and still moving. And the ref must be blessed with the powers of resurrection, because it only took him 0.1 seconds to both determine that Royce was out AND REVIVE HIM!

Were we watching the same clip?

I'm with darrenJG, I never realised how bad the fix was until I saw this clip.




BIGGEST GIVEAWAY: Have you seen the "Oh, SHIT!!" reaction of the ref when he immediately realises he fucked up!

Look at the body language. It would be hilarious if it wasn't such a tragedy.

viewtype your absolutely ridiculous.

Oh, my god - it's SO obvious!

"He's out! Game over! Get a stretcher! ... Waaaahhh! You're awake! ... Oh, shit, ... I. ... Er. .. Nothing! I didn't do anything."

yeah BJJCT, i have noticed that... his reaction is very funny when Royce looks up at him from the ground