Alternative Performance Bonus Structure?

Was training tonight for some time, and as often happens toward the end of a long practice... a subset of the group gets into a few discussions about the UFC/professional MMA.

Clearly the UFC is interested in tweaking their bonus structure, as we've seen with the new 'Performance of the Night' bonuses. I understand the reasoning behind making this more of a liberal criterion, but was curious what the UG though about this alternative:

A guaranteed bonus relative to each fighter's purse (%) for finishing a fight. Sub, TKO, KO - you finish your fight and you get an additional 20% added on to your net purse (or whatever figure makes sense).

Just curious on thoughts on this and how it might influence finishing rates of fights? Phone Post 3.0

I never got why in tuf they get a finish bonus but in the UFC they don't. Phone Post 3.0