alternative to weight belt?

I think my weighted pullups and dips are starting to take their toll on my lower back. Is there a good alternative to a weight belt? I would use a weighted vest, but I can't see myself lugging 90 lbs in and out of the gym all the time. Do they sell a vest or upper body harness that can be plate loaded?

good old back pack

Will a backpack be able hold 2+ 45lb. plates, much less fit in there?

you could use 4x25lb plates

I have a small backpack that's falling apart which holds 70lbs. I'm sure a good sized heavy duty backpack could manage 90 +


I lugged 60lbs of nursing textbooks to be resold for my wife. If her girly sky blue backpack can take it then a manly black backpack should be able too.

I've been looking at strongman "pulling harnesses" on sites like Iron Mind. Anyone ever use one of these? I think if I get some chain from Home Depot I can have the weight hang low enough that it'll swing freely between my legs. I don't like the price tag, though.

I do a combo approach. I have an X-Vest that holds 40 lbs. Then I use a dip belt to add what ever I want to the load.

The X-vest distributes the weight nicely and I don't need too much on the Dip belt. You can get a good Dip belt for pretty cheap and weighted vests can be found all around as well.

Perhaps the back-pack / dip belt combo would be just as effective. I have found my combo is quite comfortable.


Do ya'll think a store like Dick's or Sport's Authority would sell a dip belt?

I've done a backpack, vest combo, similar to what taku mentioned. I think with all three you can comfortably add more than enough weight.


Last Don- My local Sports Authority doesn't have them , but what I did was buy a basic squat belt and attached a few feet of chain to it. That's what I've been using for years, but it's starting to hurt my lower back.

Uhhhh...why not fix the back???