Altidore and Twitter

From BBC:

Altidore fined for Twitter posts

Hull City striker Jozy Altidore is the latest sportsman to come under fire for writing inappropriate Twitter posts.

Manager Phil Brown fined the 19-year-old for revealing that he was dropped against Portsmouth for being late.

Altidore's tweet read: "Apologize to all of you. I showed up late. Made a big mistake I'm very very sorry."

That led to a reprimand from Brown, who said: "That for me is information that stays in house. The reason he wasn't on the bench was our business."

Brown said the USA forward, who is on-loan from Villarreal, would now be fined.

Hull drew 0-0 with fellow strugglers Portsmouth in Saturday's Premier League match at the KC stadium, which kicked off at 3pm.

"Jozy was on the bench until 2.10 when I decided to change it," said Brown. "It's unacceptable behaviour, full stop.

"You prepare all week for a match day, mentally and physically. To ask a player to arrive an hour and a half before a game is not too much to ask is it?"

Altidore is not the only sportsman to have fallen foul of his bosses for using the social networking site Twitter in recent months.

Darren Bent was forced to apologise for an online Twitter rant against Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy as he negotiated a move to Sunderland in July.

In August, tennis players at the US Open were warned against writing updates on Twitter during matches for fear it could violate anti-corruption rules.

While batsmen Phillip Hughes caused red faces at Cricket Australia when he tweeted that he had been dropped from the third Ashes Test before it had been officially announced.

Phil Brown won't hesitate to book Jozy on a flight back to Spain if he continues to act unprofessional. The kid has a chance that not many American players will see in their lifetime. Hopefully he will pull his head out of his arse and get it together. Villareal shipped him off for a reason...seeing him back sooner than expected probably isn't the best thing for his career at this point.

I hope he realizes he isn't going to get the same type of hype and exposure in the EPL that he got in MLS. He needs to use this time to take advantage of the opportunity he has, even at a bottom-rung Prem club like Hull.

 Take that!

Did the BBC really publish those last two paragraphs? I'd be astounded.