Alton Brown's Flower Pot Smoker

Anyone here try this yet?

Flower Pot Smokers

Inspiration: Good Eats (Alton Brown) "Q" episode:

Links to fans who tried to duplicate Alton Brown's terra cotta smoker:,1973,FOOD_9919_23019,00.html

(bluenamer.. please post some pics from the links above.. thanks)

I thought about it but when I went around looking for giant flower pots and other equipment it wound up costing more than a dedicated bullet style smoker and almost as much as an offset.  Plus those two won't possibly be obliterated if I happen to drop my tongs hard on them.  So unless you just happen to have the stuff on hand it's easier imo to just buy a cheap smoker instead of making a cheap smoker. 

I'm buying a BGE very soon, but if I were to do this type of project, it wouldn't not be for the price. It would be more for the "neato look what I can do" factor. I'd be gettin my MacGyver groove on.

Never saw that episode.

Thanks for the post and all the links.

other homemade smokers: