Alton's Shrimp Cocktail

Yet another masterpiece from the master himself.

Two tips:

Don't bother with the Old Bay. You're just seasoning the shells.

If you're not a fan of really salty foods, but the brine soaking time in half.

Recipe should be easy to find on

he did a decent show on shrimp cocktail

a couple weeks ago i whipped up a nice tequila cocktail sauce for shrimp: ketchup, chili powder, diced dried chorizo, jalapeno hot suace and a dash of good tequila. came out aight.

Old Bay might just season the shells, but they're some damn tasty shells.

I saw that show, did look good. I'm to lazy for his style of cooking. He lost me at the deveining procedure.

Maybe this summer when I want to spend an leisurly evening cooking I try it.

Another problem is I cant find the Old Bay spice mixture. I need an Altn Brown for Idiots Cookbook.

Old Bay is sold in stores.

I don't know of any grocery stores that don't carry Old Bay. I've been using it for years. Look for it with the rest of the seasonings. It's in a square yellow can.

Found it!

It was in a store,

in a square yellow can.

Making it again tonight. This time I'm making his homemade cocktail sauce. I'll have to try it in bunches with the shrimp to know for sure, but the sauce tasted like ordinary cocktail sauce so far.

I added a Tbsp of diced/canned green chilies. Maybe that'll help.

i love old bay

Good Eats is a great show. His tips on brining pork and turkey are two of the most important and useful tips ever.

Mullet, just up the horseradish by about 600%.  That'll do it. 

LOL. That's the plan.

I just now read up on his cocktail sauce.  It tastes like regular Red Lobster fare?  That's odd.  My homemade tastes like "normal" sauce and it's just ketchup, worchesterchestereshire, lemon juice and a pantload of horseradish.  I put in a teensy bit of mayo too just for richness.  But it's way less ambitious than that one on Food network's site.