Altovis anyone?

I just came upon a new supplement called "Altovis" that is supposed to help a lot with exhaustion. I wonder about its effectiveness and uniqueness or maybe it's just overpriced green tea?

This is from their site (

"Altovis contains a natural methylxanthine blend, panax ginseng, cordyceps, vinpocetine, and key vitamins to keep your energy level up longer. In fact, for most people, one tablet of Altovis in the morning keeps them energized all day.
Altovis consists of a proprietary combination of EPGC methylxanthine blend (a natural caffeine source derived from natural green tea leaf extract), panax ginseng, cordyceps, vinpocetine, B-complex vitamins, and other essential vitamins and minerals. These premium ingredients work in tandem to provide safe, long-lasting energy, so you can get your day off to a great start and feel terrific all day long."

Thanks for the input!