Alvarez-Thompson Analysis/Review

Eddie Alvarez and Nick Thompson will meet this weekend on the Lindland-Emelianenko undercard. I think this is an awesome match-up for both fighters. 1) Alavarez gets to prove himself against a 'tough-as-nails' opponent, while Thompson gets to re-establish himself if he wins decisively against an udefeated up-and-comer. How do you guys think this will go down? I'm rooting for Thompson because he's a good guy and really needs this win, imo.

Although Thompson has been on a tear since his disappointing defeat to Parisyan, Alvarez, has a string of impressive wins over tough opponents like Aaron Riley, Derrick Noble, and an always game Chris Schlesinger.

I can't believe no one's excited about this fight.

im excited about this fight.

Hey, what's up, man. Dean told me yesterday that that was you rollin' on the mat with Matt last week (in his locker room). Awesome. I bet you guys had a blast. It must've been surreal to see Matt's hard work and dream finally realized. I'm real happy for him - couldn't have happened to a better guy.

I'm stoked about this fight. The Goat has a chance to put some gold around his waist!

hey Kos, emaile me @

Nick Thompson, Bitches!

Eddie is a tough competitor, but Nick has a great size and reach advantage in this one. I think Thompson is going to use that to set everything else up and take it by a TKO in the second.

I have only seen 3 of Alvarez's fights, but I have yet to see anyone take it to the ground. His striking and movement are phenomenal though. I hope Nick can take it to the ground quickly without getting damaged to badly.

I think this is a fantastic fight - one of the best matches Bodog has made. I think it'll end up a battle of attrition, going into the third round. Thompson has great conditioining and cardio second to none. Eddie has yet to be tested past the 2nd round.He has beaten all but two opponents in 1.Thompson makes it past the initial Alvarez onslaught,with a tko victory in the 3rd.

Ditto on being excited about this fight. Nick sacrifices a lot to put in the position to win fights like this. He's got the skills, and he's put in the work to be in phenomenal shape for this fight.

I'm very excited for this fight. Thompson is the only InsideFighting columnist fighting this weekend. Good luck Nick! Should be a great fight, two very good fighters.

My Analysis is......Nick Thompson, Bitches!!!!!!!

this is an awesome matchup. I'm rooting for Eddie cause he's a Northeast MMA'er and all around good guy. I saw his first couple local fights.

Alvarez wins...

good luck bro.. and come back down and chill with us when you get done whippin that ass!!


tough fight for alvarez but i feel he'll pull it off somehow. thompson's wrestling will give him problems though.

Chooch: 'This fight makes me tingley. '

Actually Chooch that's the 6 bong hits, 3 Pabst Blue Ribbons, and the 2 vicodins you just took that is giving you that feeling!!!

Like I said, this will be a real tough test for Alvarez and a chance at re-entering contention status for Thompson. I wish 'em both luck but I'm hoping Thompson pulls it out (no homo) - gotta love the underdog.

go Eddie! get 'em.

I'm a little scared for Nick in this fight... not because I don't think that he can win, but because if he loses it's going to be because Eddie put some hurts to him.

(eddie has no chance of sub-ing Thompson)

Let's go GOAT!!!!