Alvarez-Thompson Analysis/Review

"LOL @ a forum being so full of children that you have to say "(no homo)" to explain the previous statement."

You wouldn't say that to my face, imo.

Oh shit, I just watched Alvarez decimate Noble (which was really surprising) last night. Thompson will have to watch for Alvarez's Vitor-like speed and the way he 'goes in and out' when he strikes. Thompson, if you're reading this, go for a well-timed shot when Alvarez steps in with his quick straight-blast punches and I am confident that you can overwhelm him with a monster takedown. Good luck.

I think the Goat will take this fight with relative ease.

They're both great fighters but i give this one to Thompson by Neck Beard submission...

LMMFAO @ neck beard

I was wondering wtf that was called. lol

Alvarez KO Rd. 1

Congrats Nick!

eddie alvarez by ko

franklinbykornd1 - you're kidding right?

Hey franklin, want to put some cash on that?

By the way, anyone notice that I called Thompson, TKO in the 2nd? Nick Thompson, bitches!