Alvarez vs Alves?

I was watching the Ufc last night and I think Thiago Alves would be a great opponet for Eddie Alvarez both fighters seem to have great stang up Does anybody think this would be a good fight?



it would be exciting for about 45 seconds. then eddie alvarez would land an uppercut and a series of hooks and it would be all over.

Has The UFC made an Attempt to get eddie alvarez  ?

I'd like to see Burkman/Alves.

Please,plese Jim.They are not mere hooks, more like eliptical punches...Stalls heading out the door to go spar against and get hit by said eliptical punches...

sigh Don't mind me I am going on 5 hours sleep after an 18 hour work day and am questioning whether or not I am

YA! Time to go get hit at 11am.Jeez I need my head examined.

Yo Jim you hear anything about Antigua in February?

I guy I went to MFC with said Alvarez was supposed to be in one of the TUFs but it fell through?


i haven't heard anything, judah. i haven't been able to infiltrate the top secret bodog facility yet - but give me time.

I'm w/ Sioux. Alvarez in a minute. Alvarez has too much speed.

That would be a sick matchup.

But I thought Eddie fought Riley at 155 and was gonna stay at Lightweight?

Eddie & Aaron was welterweight (170), as Eddie was defending his MFC title. I do not think Eddie gets much over 167, and actually eats before the weigh-in to make it look good. Alves was great Saturday night!

Were did eddie wrestle what college?

He wrestled in life, Andrew, not college.

Thanks for clarifying.