always carry enough cash to satisfy a prostitute

or risk losing your nuts

i have a feeling there is more to the story than what is being told at the moment lol

Posted: 11:13 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014


Man castrated by woman over $13


A man was castrated by a woman when he only had $13 to pay for sex.

According to a Montgomery Count Sheriff's Office Report, the victim was taken to Good Samaritan hospital early Monday with stab wounds to the scrotum. The victim told deputies he was driving on North Main Street when a woman asked him for a ride. He said yes, but that he would have to first stop at his house on Carter Avenue.

The victim said the two went to the basement, and the woman asked if he wanted to make it a "date." The victim said he only had $13, and the woman then pulled out a pocket knife and ordered him to drop his shorts. He said the woman then started stabbing him. Once the woman left, the victim said he crawled upstairs to wake his sister to take him to the hospital.

Hospital staff said the injury was serious, but not considered life-threatening.


wtf, I would've guessed he fucked her then short changed her....seems like he just didn't have any money to start in the first place

that is what i thought was weird...well other than him stopping at his house and letting a random lady in that he didn't expect to relations himself with

Yah, this is the story he told, so he very well could've fucked her

Yeah. He fucked her. Phone Post 3.0

maybe rape rape and he's going with the prostitute/paying customer angle

Is this Montgomery Alabama? If so the place is the biggest shit hole in the state, maybe the southeast but I'm not sure about that. Phone Post 3.0

Good point. We need answers. Quick, someone track down the prostitute and find out if she gets more upset about being stiffed after using her services or if it's the rape rape that really grinds her gears. Phone Post 3.0

sorry, ohio