Alyssa Milano And Hideous bitch #MeToo



I thought Michael Clarke Duncan died?

That is honestly one of the ugliest humans I've ever seen. 

Alyssa Milano is gorgeous. Nom nom.

Thread full of mommy issues. 

That's a sick individual that did anything to that woman!

Cecil Peoples Fan - I’d like to do a bunch of before and afters...

With hot chicks going ultra liberal

Anyone else notice they age and get ugly fast when they’re being offended by everything?

Milano used to be a piece of ass

Now she just looks like a crusty cunt

I wonder which comes first. Do they become SJW and then unattractive or do they become SJW after becoming unattractive?

LOL at all the posters above suddenly realizing they are never going to have sex again.

darkiemontana - 

That's a sick individual that did anything to that woman!

She could have been a little girl when it happened.

She looks "unhuman"

The scumbag that sexually assaulted the black chick to the point where she started the #Metoo trend should be ashamed of himself.

Jesus, man. How thirsty were you?!

Everybody who meets her has the same thought flash through their heads, but nowadays we’re too polite to say it.

“I was sexually assaulted. #Metoo.”

“lol… sure buddyt.”