Alyssa Milano Sex Tape - Syria Propoganda??

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Leigh - 
Animal Mother -
Cotton - I hope she get AIDS.

Seems like a reasonable response

It is. She is advocating war. Phone Post

In the very least people should go to her stupid "funny or die" link and click DIE

that's a good idea. Just went there and vtfd

she would make a beatiful snuff flick.

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AbbottMary - Nobody wants this war. I've not spoken to a single person in real life who is for any attacks and i know some DUMB. ASS. REDNECKS. this shit is being moved forward completely without the support of the American people.

There is a black chick in my government class that "supports Obama is protecting American citizens from mr Assad. And it is his job as president to make sure people don't cross the line". Phone Post

I think we can see where her "loyalties" have taken her.

I Phone Post 3.0