Am I Alive Again?

Me to @Mountain_Medic

Nevermind. I’m a fast learner.

“Is something wrong?”, she said,
Of course there is
“You’re still alive,” she said,
oh, and do I deserve to be?
Is that the question?
And if so, if so who answers?
Who answers?

I got better…


I loved this movie
Troll 5, The Exorcism of Nilbog

I want you sew much right meow


I was much younger back then.



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Yo NEF! Holy shit, bro! I was in limbo fucking around with froggers, gimps, and the souls of horrible NPCs like Nytrol and TehRascal. It was terrible. We just got out an hour ago. Still traumatized.

Boooooooo! We want @huge! Bring back huge!

You know he is a kidnapping victims #neverforget