Am I an as5hole for laughing at this?

Lol Phone Post 3.0

Aside from it hurting like hell, I doubt he was seriously injured. He didn't bend at a crazy angle and there's a fair amount of spring in the board.

Russian judge scored it a 1.4 Phone Post

i didn't really laugh, but retards gonna retard.

lol. that's awesome. Not an asshole at all.

If you are then so am I
Lol Phone Post 3.0

I wish it was that ny jets kid!! Phone Post

I feel his pain but you can't hesitate. He wasn't fully committed to the flip and he paid the price. I speak from experience. That being said i would definitely laugh at him Phone Post 3.0

I've done worse and I chuckled a bit. We're both going to hell Phone Post 3.0