Am I forming a bad habit?

I've realized that lately I've dropped from mount to side-mount to catch the arm-bar... is this a bad habit to start? One of the really good blue belts at my school said it might be?

Discuss. :)


You mean you dismount to go for your armbar? Nothing wrong with that... I suck from the mount, I always mount for points, then dismount to look for submissions

there is nothing wrong with that. A lot of submissions are found in transitioning from position to position. A lot of times just staying in mount doing nothing will stale mate. If you change the position up on them, they may not get their defenses up in time to deal with the change. Hence why being able to transition between your top positions is so key to finding submissions many times(as well as keeping control).

a Side mount is a good submission position, i acctually dont goto mount when i grapple, you can land alot of submissions from side, and even from half guard if they replaced it..

when you mount,and your little, with no gi on, u really dont have much to go for without fear of being bridged over.

im only 160 lbs.

If you can hit the armbar twice as often by moving up to sidemount (and I bet you can), why not? For most guys, side mount is an improved position over mount. You can strike and submit with less fear of an escape.

Phew. I'm ok then. :)

I feel pretty smooth with the transition. We were going at like 50% once, and I went from mount, to side-mount to scarf hold, caught the leg kimura, and reached over catching the other arm. Pretty sweet stuff. :)