Am I going to die?

I had a vasectomy last week. Today I felt a lot better and was moving around more, being more active. I sat on the couch for literally 2 minutes to fix my socks which got all weird and was leaning back. As I was leaning back my wife came in the room and I turned to talk to her, I leaned further back where I was near laying down and my dog went Jimmy Supwrfly Snuka from the top of the couch onto my balls.

The force broke a stitch and opened me up a little. I thought I was going to puke, shit myself, and cry. Not like its a lottle dusty cry, like someone just tore my sack in half cry.

Should I tell my wife now what I actually paid for all my guns, hunting, and fishing gear so she doesnt get ripped off or will I live?

Jimmy Snuka


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You gotta be like a long haul trucker and run a double set of books.


You think you’re going to die from your dog sack tapping you? Wait till you tell your wife and she starts busting your balls


Fess up now. Get the ball busting over with.


She watched the whole thing and laughed. She didnt laugh when I changed my boxers and she saw all the blood. Dog got me good

Up until today I was sitting with a double pillow, today I got complacent

RIP OPs nuts

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He already has

Sounds rather painful. :open_mouth:

I hate it when queers don’t post pictures of their balls.

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