Am I just out in left field?

Guys, your thoughts.

What do you think about keeping the Soldierground a politics-free zone? As I understood it, this forum was for military subjects and/or MMA or combatives training. MMA.TV has a ground for politics-the Otherground, where things can become quite heated to say the least. Keep the politics there. I like this forum a lot and don't want to see it turn into another OG where people like Hubris, Joe Ray, Flangemasta Funk, etc come to troll servicemen.

Moreover, this forum is sponsored by military funds. We as servicemen are not permitted to appear at political rallies in uniform. The intent of this rule in the UCMJ is to maintain the military as a non-partisan organization serving the will of the people. I think this, in a way, extends to this forum. Can we just keep the politics on the OG?

Am I the only one that feels this way?

Good points Whatever. I wondered whether you were even allowed to speak (post) freely. So long as its evenly applied, its a good thought.

Whatever254 has a valid point. As a servicemember, nothing burns me faster than someone trolling the SG trying to get a soldier to denounce his country or it's leaders. We as service members have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and obey the orders of the President of the United States. It is not our place to question plans or policy.


As a servicemember, nothing burns me faster than someone trolling the SG trying to get a soldier to denounce his country or it's leaders."

I agree


Kind of a little mixed on this one. On the one hand, the trolling and blatantly political threads are a bit out of place here. However, some political/theoretical questions, such as "If we invaded N. Korea would China intervene" still seem fairly appropriate, provided of course some troll doesn't hijack the thread with anti-Bush or even anti-Kerry BS.

That becomes more of a strategic discussion and far less political. Would probably be a good discussion (until said troll comes along).

True, it is more "shop talk" than political opinion. But it seems like some troll would start accusing us of trying to start a draft or something. Kind of depressing. It's like trying to talk fighting in a room full of pacifists - no matter how technical the discussion, someone has to tell you that fighting never solved anything.

"Can we please let this board be about MMA training in the armed forces."

Of course, but there are many other valuable topics on this board. Examples: people have enlistment or commissioning questions; others have MOS questions; some active servicemembers need advice and there are a couple of old salts here who can help.

MMA training in the military is great, but can't be the only issue in this forum.

no shame

"Comparing people to Nazis is not going to win you any converts."

Huh? Did I miss something??

noshame, nocajones is just a pouting child. He can't stand it that this isn't the place to attack the War effort.

Please ignore him and feel free to talk about anything you want within the parameters that this board was established for.


would you rather we didn't support MMA and this site?

You should understand that my mission is to spread realistic combatives training, techniques and ability throughout the Army. I think that encouraging and supporting MMA type training and fighting is one of the best means to this end. I also think that as realistic combatives training spreads through the whole Army, guard and reserves, a symbiotic relationship will grow between us and the MMA world. Obviously some of the very best assets we have are the civilians who are out their training, fighting, coaching, etc. Not only that, but imagine how MMA will explode when every one who enters the Army is exposed to it and there are literally thousands of competitions across the Army every year.

With that being said, the purpose of this board is to serve these ends. It is my job to ensure that it does so. There are literally millions of places to post anti war, anti Soldier or anti administration views. This is simply not one of them.

"explicitly, the SoldierGround is not a spot to angrily denounce US foreign policy."

Nor is it a place to denounce our chain of Command.

"As a servicemember, nothing burns me faster than someone trolling the SG trying to get a soldier to denounce his country or it's leaders."

Also Agree!

Same here, if one comes up why cant it be moved to the OG where it belongs.

nocajones, I reviewed all of your posts on the SG. In
general I think your posts have been perfectly acceptable. I do think you let yourself get carried away on the Rumsfeld threads.

I took those posts out of the context of all of your
previous posts however and therefore I am sorry for the anti-American comment.

SFC Larsen shows his professionalism and class, and nocajones shows his lack.

About a year ago when I was commanding a Recruiting Battalion I approached MMA.TV and asked if they would accept the Army as a sponsor to this site. They went a step further and suggested the SoldierGround. The idea was to a) spread the Army message to those interested in MMA, b) use it as a recruiting tool and link to, c)answer enslistment/MOS/duty station comments and d)highlight the Army's Combatives doctrine. SFC Larsen was asked to help and is the sites greatest asset/information source for Army Combatives since he's personally responsible for our current doctrine. As the moderator I've edited out racist, overly sexist, or just complete BS posts. Other than that, political posts have been left though encouraged to be moved to the OG. I figure soldiers are smart enough to know BS when they see it and can either accept what they read or discount it.

The year contract with MMA.TV is up in a few months (March ?)and I've changed command and got tranfered to Korea so I know longer control the funds to extend the contract and thus the SoldierGround forum. I'm not sure if the current Battalion Commander is going to fund this for the next year or not. I'll contact and suggest that he does. Hooah.

LTC Cejka (aka Major Bob)