Am I ordering bagels or plutonium?

Imagine showing yourself this message like 5 months ago without any context.   I know everyone is doing measures but still ....

so now what has happened from what I've seen with some places here is that they're setting up time slot ordering and selling out fast as shit. so new way to entice the hipsters. like hey I got an order in. have any of your eateries set up time specific pick ups?

The More retarded the way the business runs during corona, the more inclined I am to not go anymore. 


Not food, human food anyways but I went to Petco for dog food and they have someone shop for you. Did I get the food I get every fucking month normally? Nope. Wanna look at a few items, a worker will bring you two items to look at.  So stupid. Shopping and searching for what you need is done.

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When you get your order, you should cough in their direction

Sound like what they are doing at most of the liquor stores here

lol at being sold out of plain bagels. 

Yossarian -

lol at being sold out of plain bagels. 

They sell so many when they’re normally open but since time implementing pick up , it’s all wiped 

They want to stay open and working.  What's the problem?

This shit is getting ridiculous.