Am I racist?

If I want woodley to get smashed

Of course. You fucking fascist nazi!

Is the reason that he's black?

No, you're just a faggot. 

What a racist, anti dentite fucking thing to say

Another vote for faggot

Depends if you're into race cars.

I have a friend who "don't fuck wit no cracka ass white boys."  Does that make her a racist? I don't think so. It's her body, and she can do whatever she wants with it. So I think you're good

"Of course, you're white. You are automatically racist."-Liberals


I guess I am a racist also because I hope Wonderboy destroys his whiney ass.

You don't like Woodley, ergo a massive racist.


Tyron Woodley VS The KKK:

Definitely a faggot 

If you think anyone is better than Woodley then you're automatically racist. yes 

Jack Furious - do you really want to meat up in Dallas and wrestle?

The thought of this got my meat up.