Am I the only loser

who gets butterflies and a hardon the day of an mma ppv? Then after its all over its like coming down off a high and I crash because its al over and I have to wait weeks before then next one.

But then the day of the next event.........

No... you are not the only one.

YES !!

I get mad butterflies before a UFC but a hard-on? That's probably just you. ;)

everything except the hard on.

"but a hard-on? That's probably just you. ;) "


Of course not.

Butterflies definately, but no hard on. Its even worse if I know a friend is fighting.

Hell no, what kind of a weirdo gets a hard-on before an MMA event? I at least wait until a few minutes into it when the sweaty, muscular men go to the ground before I pop a boner. But I'm not gay or anything, the only reason I even get a hard-on is because I happen to be playing with myself while I watch it.

I would sit in a burning building and watch the ppv rather than see it on tape the next day.

I was totally with you ..... until the hard on.......

I have never been able to acquire one of those. :)

oh ok, maybe once Joker.......... sheesh, LOL

i get too excited for the ppv fights too

lol @Naturalevil


Its all good, at my age I need the mma ppv's to get a hard on,

I had a nervous feeling when BJ Penn and Pulver were walking into the cage to fight. It was one of the most anticipated fights ever and there were hundreds of threads on here about it. 155 is my favorite weight class too so I was really pumped to see that one.

Butterflies over an event you dont already know the outcome of?

Perfectly normal.

Getting a hardon?

Means you enjoy watching two sweaty men roll around and you either need to see a shrink or just acept the fact that your gay.