Am I the only one whos really starting to get excited for O'Malley vs Peter Yan?!

Lets go! This fight is way more important than people realise. This is the fight that can set up or change the future of MMA. A lot is riding on this fight

It wont be anything like Conor vs Aldo.

O’Malley vs Peter aint a championship fight with all mouths talking and all eyes watching

But O’Malley vs Peter Yan can def be like Conor vs Poirier or Conor vs Siver - the fight which catapults the next superstar of MMA into the public conscious and begins it all

This is the fight for O’Malley to prove himself and truly cement himself. Its either sink or swim. Its all come down to this pivotal moment for O’Malley. Even though O’Malley is highly flawed I like the dude and for the sake of MMA hope he can be the next superstar of MMA to carry MMA

I love that MMA has these massive crossroads pivotal fights. This is what it all has come down to.
The moment of truth is coming and all will be revealed soon

Peter Yan aint no joke. Peter is probably the cleanest most impressively technically sound boxer in MMA right now and everyone knows Peter beat Sterlin again and is the real champ right now

Lets go



Did you just compare Yan to Dennis Siver?


The only reason this is happening is because the UFC think that by giving O’Malley 3 rounds he could steal a decision on account of Yan being a slow starter with a large reach disadvantage.

Yan kills him in a 5 rounder.


Actually a good take by Merrispew


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the fight which catapults the next superstar of MMA into the public conscious and begins it all

Thats the context in which the comparison was made. Learn to read you fucking retard

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Anyone picking O’Malley?

Definitely not.

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I think Yan takes it but I am rooting for O’Malley and not because I necessarily like him.


I’m excited for it. One of those fights where I casually like both guys and don’t really care the outcome. Just want an entertaining fight. Sometimes that’s more fun than being super invested in one guy to me.




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