Am I the only one whos really starting to get excited for O'Malley vs Peter Yan?!

Are you not entertained?

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Fight was great. Result was bullshit robbery



I was surprised by the decision for sure. Historically, Yan wins this every time. I’d need to watch it again, but wondering if the judges favoured damage over takedowns here. I don’t remember Yan doing much damage with the positions.

her did none

What did Sean do while lying on his back? No damage, no control? For 5+ minutes?

devils advocate meeting GIF by Fast Company

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Yan should have won the decision because he imo pulled off 2 rounds against 1. My hot take though, is that O’Malley won using Pride scoring. Apparently that’s what the judges were using last night


The judges were going by “UFC bribe money” scoring.


He took no damage down there and got back up every time. Takedowns aren’t easy but neither is getting back to your feet.


So we can agree during the 5+ minutes of Sean on his back, he did nothing worth noting him winning during this time. Just good defense?

The only stat he got was 5+ minutes of being manhandled when he didnt want to be on the ground.

He clearly imposed his will this fight. /sarcasm

Sean didnt win the fight, he was gifted the decision. Big difference.

It’s on Yan now to never go to decision again. He gets fucked.


Chito should be the one getting the title shot. Only the Omally fanboys can’t see that…

Its crazy that some think takedowns should be enough to win a fight. Laying on top of someone and being neutralized isnt winning. If the bottom isnt taking damage and is blocking attacks, or quickly getting to their feet, that should be considered a form of controlling becauses hes preventing the top from doing what he wants to do. That deserves to be counted

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You could 100% tell Sean himself knew he lost and couldn’t believe the decision


Yan definitely won that fight, but O’Malley proved he belongs up there with the best of the division.


Was definitely worth being excited over, good call OP

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Thank you!

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I said that ^ MONTHS AGO!

I called exactly how the fight would go!

NO ONE is on my level

Yet you had know nothing retard newbs like @JackMerridew @the_decimator @Nick_Diaz_Army claiming Yan would outclass him. These fuck tards know nothing about fighting and are only riding Islam because hes Khabib’s boy. Khamzat>>>Islam.

When ever O’Malley switched to make it an opposite stance match up, he would use higher leadhand positioning to keep smoothering Yan’s jabhand

This was troubling Yan greatly

All the leadhand checking from O’Malley and reaching from Yan kept Yan’s jab and hook out of position (Yan doesnt know how to cover ground with/under probing using rhythm and or start working off the timing of probing)

Yan did good by eventually pulling/grabbing O’Malley’s leadhand & shooting though.

O’Malley made a terrific adjustement by switching to make it a same stance match up, so that he could now free the path for his jab, and just keep his jab in Yan’s face uncontested, touching & disrupting Yan with his jab when ever he pleased!


THAT THATS HOW O’MALLEY exploits Yan. With his long jab!

When it was a same stance match up, O’Malley dominated with his jab, consistently pumping his jab uncontested in Yan’s face!

You see, Yan fights out of a high guard to catch and shoot counter off of (timimg), and he needs to keep people at the end of his punches so that he can step in with his off beat 1-2s (off the backfoot). So if you just control the center and just keep touching Yan up with your jab, you will disrupt his catch and shoots + prevent him from getting his feet set to step in (with his 1-2s).

That is what was always my gameplan on how to exploit Yan, and O’Malley finally found that out starting in round 2. O’Malley def reads the OG and read my thread.

People are fucking idiots easily influenced by commentary. O’Malley legit won that fight

The most ironic thing to me is how the UG cries about judges rewarding wrestling too much, but yet when its a fighter they dont like, winning, suddenly wrestling is all that matters, and suddenly these dorks ignore the striking. Fucking clowns. MMA fans are the biggest most disgraceful manbaby phaggot hypocrites ever who are worse then liberals when it comes to feelings over facts

O’Malley won that fight legitimately

The only mistake O’Malley made is that when they were both southpaw, his shoulders were too open and he allowed Yan to step into his centerline and sneak the rearhand inside his hooking shoulder blatantly (getting caught trying to hook with Yan’s rearhand). You never do that from open shoulders

Other than that, brilliant performance by O’Malley. O’Malley is for real and answered all the questions empethetically

It was a hell of a fight where O’Malley never got rattled emotionally, and even took the last round

“bu but Yan starts slow”

Turns out it was O’Malley who started slow !!!

Doesnt matter either way, there are no excuses, O’Malley out struck Yan and beat Yan fair and sqaure in his own domain of striking. He made Yan turn into the panic wrestling phaggot dry humper @JackMerridew @the_decimator

Fuck the UG hahah! No one is on my level

Cant wait for O’Malley vs Aljo!!!

Aljo going down. TJ fight was the biggesr fluke ever

The UG is gonna hate O’Malley more than they ever hated Conor lmao. But hate=investment and money…

Last time i checked…Suga still won…maybe if everyone complains more it’ll be overturned

since you did this in multiple threads

Link to same response in other thread



Congrats! It took a shit decision to give you your win, but after all these years it’s probably extremely rewarding for you to be somewhat right about one fight.

It was a terrible decision, and you are proud of it. I have no horse in this fight. Not the biggest fan of Yan, I don’t like Sean as a person but can appreciate his growing prowess and confidence in striking.

You aren’t hurting my feelings by gawking like a proud child about this fighter getting a split decision win.

If i had more time today I would decimate your butthole for all to see, just like old times. But I’m betting you wont get past Jack or Vegito today.

Congrats, it’s amazing what gave you the confidence to crawl out of your hole.

A badly judged split decison win. Lmfao you make these things so easy.