Am I the only one?

I dont know why but I love to watch Japanese fighters just get worked.Its like a sick thing that puts a smile on my face lately. Its like payback for all the shady endings and rigged fights that are in the Japanese fighters favor.


Matsui is testimate to that,dude gets wrecked everytime out and gives it all he has till the end.

"Where they lack in skill, they make up in heart."

LOL at this idiotic statement. Japanese fighters are dominant in many of the lower weight classes, just like they are in boxing. They don't get recognition because we tend to ignore these divisions. Just because Pride tends to throw cans like Takayama and Kanehara out there doesn't mean japanese fighters don't have skills.

Many Japanese get physically overwhelmed by westerners, but the Japanese are the most skilled, disciplined, and tough in the world.

"Yeah...they dominate "

You clearly don't know jack shit about the lower weight classes in boxing, so kindly shut the fuck up.

the japanese put it on the line time and time again...

this is a dumb thread, I don't understand it

hahahah... you guys will never learn.

the age old, they suck but they have heart rationzliation.

why don't you guys just look at the reality. Japan has better fighters overall than the US does right now. Arguably they are on par w/ Brazil.

In the lighter weights they are dominant. Look at 155. the most competitive division in MMA. Dominated by Japanese. Kawajiri, Gomi take the top spots.

Look at FW, arguably KID is on top of this division, followed by a host of other great fighters like Imanari, Kotani etc.

under that you have Mamoru the champ, Matsune, who are arguably P4P some of the toughest guys around.

If you want to talk about heavier fighters, we have akira Kikuchi who just dominatd Jaked shields.. he's a champ now. He's the Shooto WW champ now.

TK just dominated ron waterman so he is the Pancrase SHW champ.

Yuki Kondo, Masanori Suda, Kazushi sakuraba in LHW are all very good. Also keep in mind these guys are blown up WW.

The japanese have plenty of champs in the most legit orgs in the business. You guys should say, what they lack in size, they make up w/ skill and speed. this applies to other things as well. ;)

but seriously, even if you look at kickboxing... Masato is the best non-MT kickboxer in the world. Yoshirio Sato is not far behind.

I would say japan sucked about 2 years ago. Now they are arguably on top nation wise.. it's either them or brazil.


What a sad world.

And how many of you are making these judgments from experience ie how many of you have fought a top-notch Japanese opponent that you claim 'lacks skill'?

Much respect to anyone who puts it on the line. My sorry ass probably will never be in a cage.