Am I wrong to be excited for Silva vs. Stann or...


I think both have a lucky shot at beating the much as Henderson does on Jones at least! Phone Post

Andy will only take big fights now. 3-5 more max I'm sure then off to retire in Rio Phone Post

I'm excited to watch Silva fight anyone. Soon, people will look back at him and wish he was still fighting. He's a special fighter.

A fight with the Bis vs Silva in England would be HUGE. Also, a lot of fun seeing the Bis get hendo'd again!

Silva vs Bisping in the UK would be great, make good money I sure Phone Post

I think Stann has a chance for a KO with his punching power. Bisping could possibly use his superior boxing to frustrate for a little bit at least. Would love to see either fight. Phone Post

Im Gothams Reckoning - 
OSBtro11 - I'm always excited to watch Anderson KO somebody Phone Post

. Phone Post


I think Bisping giving Silva a decent fight. Bisping via decision or Silva winning in the way he did against Franklin. Phone Post