Am Muay Thai Tourney Atlanta, GA Aug.15

 School of Hard Knox is holding an amateur Muay Thai tournament on Saturday, August 15th! Novice,Open, Men's and Women's Divisions available!

Register by July 31st for $30

Register August 1st-August 12th for $35

Register August 13th-15th for $50

Medals awarded to all winners

Trophy awarded to top team

To register, call the School of Hard Knox 770-792-2999 or email Sherri at

Tournament location:

School of Hard Knox

1719 N. Roberts Rd

Kennesaw, GA 30144

behind Hooter's, next to Cowboy's

phone 770-792-2999

*August 15th is also our 1 year anniversary party! So please come hang out and enjoy the festivities with us!

We will also be having food, free fitness workshops, and free for all spectators



Come on guys this is a great chance to get your amateurs some experience.

Rules will be

3x3 rounds
No knees to the head
No elbow strikes of any kind
16 oz. gloves


Wow. That's weird. That pic is from a fight up here in Va. How did you come across that?

That is Josh Glover he is one of our fighters and trainers who won the 155 belt up there

will Hooters be catering?

I've been meaning to check out Hard Knox, guess this is as good an excuse as any.

Yeah, That's one of our guys getting kicked. That was a pretty intense fight. I will send the word to the coaches on our team up here and let them know about the fights and see if anyone's down. Good luck with it!

crunk404 come check us out for sure, if you want more info just give us a shout, have you trained in the area before???...we are working on a bunch of different food selections for all of our guests

thank you damien yea josh is a beast for sure and that fight was balls out...yea send the word we are bringing in gyms from GA, Bama, and TN as of right now but we would love to have ya'll


is there ever pro muay thai events up that way?

there is some from time to time get a hold of brett moses im sure he can help you out. possibly David Oblas.

shin guards?

ttt we will proly have a few guys come up

yes shinguards i will post the full rules tom

Actually we will be having tons of free food so not all you can eat but enough to go around..

Full Rules amateur muay Thai rules:

Bouts will be 3x2 rounds or 4x2 with 1 minute rest

Boouts will be scored by 3 judges using a 10 point must and 1/2 points

No three knockdown rule, NO being saved by the bell

you MAY grab the leg of the opponent and take ONE STEP for EACH attack launched

Clinch IS allowed, after 5 seconds of inactivity or if the ref feels that neither fighter is being effective it will be broke



Mandatory Equipment to be provided by fighter/trainer: ALL EQUIPMENT WILL BE INSPECTED BEFORE MATCH


16oz gloves

shin guards


and of course a cup

any other questions or concerns can be directed towards Casey Pintar or Sherri Thompson at the School of Hard Knox