AMA Fight Club Goes 3-0 At CFFC IV

Congratulations to The AMA Fight Club/Team Renzo Gracie on an impressive showing at Cage Fury Fighting last night in Atlantic City, NJ.

Jonathan Helwig got the ball rolling with an impressive majority decision over a very game Ken Owens.

Then Jimmy Miller kept things moving with a 1st round submission victory via rear naked choke over Al Buck to win the Cage Fury 155 pound Championship Title!!!

His brother Dan Miller finished the night off with a very tough fought unanimous decision victory over a very tough opponent in Jose Rodriguez. Dan defended his title in impressive fashion and remains the Cage Fury 185 pound champion!!!

I would like to make a special notice to all 3 of our teams opponents, Ken Owens, Al Buck, & Jose Rodriguez. Each guy displayed class & were total professionals before, during & after the fights!

Great job to Gary Marino for putting together a great card & to Felix Martinez for making it all happen with his vision on how MMA shows should be run. They treated all fighters & teams 1st class & we have nothing but great things to say about the organization as a whole & we are proud to fight for you!

Congrats again to our guys & to all of the fighters who fought last night!!!

Mike Constantino -


Great feeling when all that preparation and sacrifice pays off. Great coaching Mike.


awesome job guys

Congratulations to Jonathan, Jim & Dan on their impressive victories over tough opponents. Props to conmann22, MR BIG1, Birdman, Maddog and the other AMA Fight Club/Team Renzo Gracie instructors/trainers for helping get the guys ready to roll at CFFC.


I see sixpak finally bought himself a pro membership

Way to go guys!

Did AMA get a new striking coach? And will I now get to use the 'chill dawg' rule?

Hey tjmitch, did you get the pic of me backstage w/ Kimbo after my fight?

Im dying to show that to my friends.

No, who has it? I can host it if someone sends it to me.

congrats 2 the Miller boyz.. those r some tough SOB's

It should be on the same camera that the Mike/Kimbo pic was on.

Chiro Tom's if I recall correctly.

Congrats to Helwig, Jim, and Dan. 3 very focused and hard working fighters.

I will have it sent to tjmitch now.....standby

Thanks Constable

OK, got it. Hold on....

seperated at birth imo!

mr big1 sighting.......