AMA Wuhan, China

Was recommended to start a thread, so I guess I will try… I live in Wuhan ( I am from Utah). Any Q’s about China life that are from personal XP and not media? I am not interested in starting arguments so if to many of the UG trolls show up I will prolly bounce. :slight_smile:


Doing a little day drinking while wife id gone or would not have made a thread, lol

Hows the bat?


No thanks

should say … hows the Bat, Man?

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In for rational discourse

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How’d you end up in China? Work?

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Were you working in the lab?

My wife is Chinese, and a well known singer in wuhan. easier for me to find work here teaching than for her to find work in USA

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Do you believe the Covid outback originated from the lab in Wuhan?

Seems likely

I literally lived about 5k from the lab… not that it means anything

Do you have any concerns answering any of this with how the CCP monitors everything?

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Using VPN

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Also i do not have any really terrible things to say

Salt Lake City vs Wuhan which is better?

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Can you slap pouipoiu for us?


HAHA, SLC city for sure, but that is because I love mountains and small cities… Wuhan has Soooo many people it seems so rude and self centered

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@ Mr Smiff … LOL

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