AMA Wuhan, China

Ethnic diversity? Everyone is Chinese but different provinces have their own different bits of culture…

My wife will alway be telling me "ohh that person is from XXX or YYY, just by their accent

Many areas have their own dialect so they will speak Chinese and also the local but different language. Tat is kind of my wifes specialty, she sing Chinese Folk music and also opera

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I have not really disscussed the orgin of COVID with anyone over here. People here just get on with life and are not overly concerned…

  1. Life is mostly normal, some wear masks, some dont… more old people seem to always mask up
  2. If there is a pop up or spike of the virus in the city (has only happened twice in the last year i am aware of here in Wuhan) they will quickly quarantine that area of town off and prevent travel in and out for a cpl weeks, test eveyone, then back to normal… And I mean quickly, if you are in that areas you are stuck there for a bit.
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@Overscore … I believe in personal freedom, will never support something like a social credit system


Does every Western dude there go around singing “Woo haaaaa Wuhan, I got you all in check.”


Is there some sort of list of … social credit violations or bonuses or such thing or is it totally arbitrary?

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This. Curious about this social credit system.

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u see many hot chicks around?

For context, how long have you been in china.

Your wife is a Shen Yun singer???

I feel like I remember a time you posted here before you got the Yellow Fever

The social credit system: I don’t really know how it works or how invasive it is, I never hear my wife talk or complain about it and she is a pretty open minded person. We have always been free to travel around the country, buy a car, houses, etc so I guess we are good, heh.

I know they have the ability to track your movements by phone, and when they are more closely tracking things Covid-wise you have to scan a QR Code when you go into any shopping malls or stores and they can put out messages limiting people in certain areas from travelling if a case is detected in an area… I like that the couple times in the last year they detected a covid case (in Wuhan) they just quarantinned that particular area of town immediatley for a cpl weeks , require everyone to test, then right back to normal… No bid Deal

Lived here for about 3 years now… I did make a couple posts a couple years ago right when Covid broke out and people wondered what was really happenning over here.

It’s asia, the girls tend to be petite, have nice bodies, dont mind dressing to show them off. Riding the metro train during the summer is not so bad :slight_smile:

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More like you CAN’T say any negative things or the police will show up and take you away. Sup Ridge.

Does the majority of the people want to invade Taiwan?

In retrospect, I want to know more about OP. Black guy, white guy? I’m just having a hard time picturing an OGer living in China with a famous wife and just falling right into place in that life as if there’s no friction. Tell me moar. Did the Chinese just love the ole lady so much they were like sure bring your giant penis American bf and he can live here too?

How is the outdoors life? Any places to go fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, etc… Are Chinese people into those sorts of things?

Pics of wife?

Then why use a VPN?

Are the drivers there as shitty as they are in Beijing?

What month did covid breakout there? Do you recall?

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