AMA Wuhan, China

Im white and 52 yrs old… My wife is not “famous” just a repected singer here in Wuhan.

Outdoor life. Since all land is basically owned by government there are a good amount of parks and places set aside for people tohike around or day camp, picnic… usually too crowded for my taste though. We have visited a lot of the famous sights in China and even if you go “off season” they are pretty crowded too. I do a lot of running and cycling, I live about 30km outside of downtown and there are good all trails along the Yangtze river, or I cycle down not busy roads out in the farmer country.

Driving anywhere here is fucking absolutely horrible, super stressful. People literally make turns without even looking to see if anyone is coming (like ALL THE TIME)… Want to look at your phone? No prob just stop right in the middle of the road… Miss your turn on a 4 lane road, it’s cool just do a no look U-turn… Scooters everywhere and they have zero traffic rules they go along sidewalks and all.

hows the air quality?

so why are the Chinks so jealous of Americans?

Air quality is not near as bad as you would be led to believe (here in Wuhan, I cannot speak for other cities) … Over the last decade or so they have pretty much forbidden all the gas powered scooters, they are all electric… Also, there must be rules about driving old cars because you see almost none. There has been a big push for re-cycling lately too and they kind of reinforce doing it. I find it interesting that they are tons of workers all over the place that clean streets, pick up trash, plant flowers, all kinds of little landscaping jobs to make the city look nicer… I think that is kind of what you do if you are unemployed instead of just getting to sit home.

Have you ever driven past the Wuhan Institute of Virology just to see where it all started?

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in usa we generally think of chinese people as smart.
do they see smarter there?

He posts every few days on TMMAC
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Visa may run out and he speaks of going to Vietnam if that happens

Seems a lot less serious lately and doesn’t go all anti conspiracy anymore…just mostly drunk posting and having fun and eating lamb kebabs and grabbing boobs

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There is a cymbal brand called Wuhan that makes cheap but surprisingly decent products. Do you know anything about this?

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@Ranier … I would say Chinese people work and study harder than most Americans.


Thanks for answering. I meant no disrespect. You just have an adventure of a life. It’s intriguing. Thank you for sharing

Hey Wuhan…why u asshoe…

Is there a social credit score system?

asians are bad drivers there too? interesting. always assumed they were bad drivers because they didn’t drive or even travel in cars much until they got here. assumed they walked in cities or rural areas and it was a newer phenomenon once they showed up in the us.