"AMARE is horrible, will suck without Nash"

yea, you fucking retards were sure spot on with your prediction of AMARE sucking balls. Guy is averaging 25 points, 9 rebounds and 2 blocks a game, playing solid defense and is unstoppable on the pick and roll with Felton (Nash who?)

You can tell when someones team hasn't made the playoffs in a while by how quick they are to celebrate a "little" success. It's a long season.

if the knicks get 35 wins and an 8th seed id be ecstatic lol

The little things! ;)

Win Shares per 48 minutes.

Warrick .1548

Stoudemire .150

Steve Nash has already made Warrick better than him.

Stoudemire's FG% has plummeted. Due to Nash not passing him wide open shots.

What? Who gives a shit about that retarded stat? Warrick isn't half the player Amare is, even with Nash or any other player in the NBA on his team Phone Post

I never said it, but I didn't think Amare would be as dominant without Nash. Looks like I was wrong. : )

He's not. He is having the worst season of his career since nash arrived in PHO. He is shooting the worst percentage of his career, but he's making up for it in the scoring column by taking 17.5 shots per game instead of the 14-15 he was taking in PHO.

He's having the worst season of his career because he is taking 2-3 more shots a game (with a team that doesn't have another dominant offensive scorer) bwahahaha you seriously can't be this fucking stupid?!?!

No one ever said he is horrible moron. He is overrated and disappears when the pressure picks up.

And Warrick jumps higher and dunks harder than Amare has ever since he had the microfracture surgery, which is the ONLY thing he offered this team that was going to be missed.

really thats it? the suns won 54 games last year and are 11-9 right now. Do you really think the suns will come anywhere near their 54 wins WITH amare? there is a reason that team is back to being garbage like they've pretty much always been and amare leaving is 99% of the reason why your team is going to suck for long, long time. How many more years does nash have? lmao, welcome to the lottery year after year (in which they will probably just sell all their lottery picks anyway, double lmfao)

you can say what you want about the knicks and they are far from great, but their future is 100x better than the suns and that is a FACT


Yup, that is it. I never said they would get 54 wins, but they could. They are 11-9 after playing the TOUGHEST schedule in the NBA thus far with a logjam at SF and only a few journeymen to plug holes at the PF-C positions.

Saying my team is garbage is just ignorant, with one or two exceptions they have been in every game they have lost, and those losses are to good teams. I cant wait to see your dick tuck when the knicks record is in the shitter come early january, and Amare starts throwing his teammates and coaches under the bus. I dont know why you think you know the guy better than I do, when he spent his entire career before this season in PHX.

Even if the Nicks future is actually better than the Suns, no reason to be happy. They WILL fuck it up, they always do. LOFL@ you hating on my team when Ive seen them go to the playoffs every year but two in this past decade, including three WCF appearances. How many playoff games did the knicks have in that span?

I'm a Knicks fan, and I like Amar'e, but the truth is the truth..

And the truth right now is that the knicks play better with Amar'e on the bench...

His on/off court is -2.1. Meanwhile all the other starters like Gallinari, Fields, Felton have positive on/off ratings.

" I dont know why you think you know the guy better than I do, when he spent his entire career before this season in PHX. "

I don't think I know him better than you, its just annoying how you were all on his cock when he was on the suns and since he left you have been acting like a scorned lover saying how he sucks. The dude is a legit superstar (go ahead and say he isn't, how many guys in the NBA average 25 points 9 rebounds 2 blocks????)

And his leadership on the Knicks has been GREAT, I dont know if he was a leader in PHX, i assume not by the way you talk but maybe he didnt have to be since Nash was there or maybe he was too young and immature, or maybe he wasn't because it wasn't "his team", the knicks are HIS team and he acts that way. We were 3-8 to start the season and he started jumping down guys throats for not caring and not competing hard and since he did that the team has gone 11-1. That is a leader.

You guys act like I am the biggest homer and think the knicks are the best team in the league. I have NEVER said the knicks are a great team or even good!!! but for the first time in over 10 years I can say they are not a bad team and borderline good. Read the articles about them from the "experts" everyone considers them a playoff lock. For now I will take it, even if it means getting swept in the 1st round its a start!


bwahahahahahahahahahaha epic!

I'll admit I thought Amare was going to choke under the big lights of NYC, but he does seem to be doing alright. I am still not convinced he is the piece that is going to attract other stars. More like fringe star IMO, but as with anything I guess we will see.

I also won't be surprised when it finally hits Tommy what a tard Amare is.

You know I'm not sure what player I would list that would fit that bill. Lebron and Wade obviously fit into that somewhat. The Boston trio seemed to gravitate to each other when that door was opened. But I think these cases are few and far between. Ultimately for most of the "stars" it is all about the green. The city and other players are just a bonus.

"I am still not convinced he is the piece that is going to attract other stars. "

you guys really can't be this dumb. He ALREADY is attracting people to come to the Knicks, as soon as he signed with NY you heard Chris Paul and Carmelo saying how they want to go to the Knicks and play with him to form their own "Big 3"